Corrinne Eira Evans



Corrinne Eira Evans Contemporary Jeweller

New website - www.corrinneeiraevans.com

Influences from First Nations art & Culture feed the work Corrinne creates. Their storied culture deep in connection with their natural surroundings, detailed artefacts and textiles ignite her imagination. 

Particular interest is given to their horse blankets, textiles, and basketry. Re-modelling these influences into contemporary forms combining design elements of traditional fabric trimmings, basket shapes and geometric patterns which interlock, combine and repeate in fluid, elegant and functional forms. Inter-woven geometric patterns using the colours of precious metals, create stories, while edgings and structures represent garment trimmings and basketry.

The main element to Corrinne's work requires the traditional method of flat chain mail. Created from scratch, making and weaving each individual link, using different coloured precious metals. Other elements enhance her playful and stylised jewellery in the form of semi-precious stones and hand carved components. A passion for art and an eye for detail each piece is lovingly and uniquely made. 

Now working in her studio at Kigbeare studios & Gallery, Devon, Corrinne creates bespoke one off pieces for select galleries up and down the country, along with exhibiting at prestigious contemporary craft fairs. To keep updated on up and coming fairs, exhibitions and new collections you can sign up to her mailing list via the contacts page. 

Devon Guild Associate Member